Hamber Robotics Club Meeting and Homework

Hello Everyone,

Thank You for signing up for the Hamber Robotics Club.  For those that are new to the club, please familiarize yourself with the following websites, in other words; read everything and watch all the videos:



We will be building robots to compete in the VEX Robotics Competition.  If you are 14 and below, you will be building the VEX-IQ robots, and if you are 15 and older, you will be building the VEX-EDR robots.  If you don’t know how to build robots, come by after schools and let our past and current club members show you.  It’s really easy.

I like to invite all new club members to a meeting this upcoming Wednesday afterschool in the Electronics Lab if you can’t make it, I will repeat the instruction/meeting Friday afterschool.

See you afterschool.

Brian Yu

Eric Hamber Secondary School – Vancouver
Tel: 604-713-8927  Fax: 604-713-8926
Text Message (778) 990-3623



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